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Self-Guided Pie + Beer Pairing on March 12

Even if you’re not into math, our Pi Day celebration is for you! 🥧

We’re releasing our beers a couple of days early — on Saturday, March 12 — and will be doing a self-guided pie pairing with pies from our friends at Add to the Beauty Bakery! Five beers will be on tap, and we’ll release mixed 6-packs! Beers and pairings will be limited.


  • Like Butterflies - Banana Cream Pie sour witbier paired with banana caramel mini pie

  • Like Butterflies - Key Lime Pie sour witbier paired with key lime mini pie

  • Like Butterflies - Strawberry Cream Pie sour witbier paired with strawberry mini pie

  • Like Butterflies - Lemon Meringue Pie sour witbier paired with white chocolate lemon tart

Additional releases:

  • NEIPIE - Coconut Cream Pie New England IPA (tap and cans)

  • Pie Beer Mixed 6-Pack: one can each of Like Butterflies - Banana Cream Pie, Like Butterflies - Key Lime Pie, Like Butterflies - Strawberry Cream Pie, Like Butterflies - Lemon Meringue Pie, NEIPIE - Coconut Cream Pie and NEIPIE - Pecan Pie


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