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Servaes Brewing Co. (it’s pronounced like service) is the culmination of passion, hard work and persistence. Courtney Servaes began brewing in 2012 with a kettle, a propane burner and a few beer-loving friends. That casual hobby evolved into what can only be described as an obsession. Since then, Courtney has brewed hundreds of different beers, challenging herself to try new things, learn new styles and explore new and inventive flavor profiles. As a homebrewer, Courtney was heavily involved in the Lawrence Brewers Guild, had the opportunity to participate in a few scale-ups at professional breweries and won several awards for her homebrew. Courtney married Brandi in 2015. They have three sons, Aaron, Dylan and Easton.


SBC is a 6,000-square-foot brewery and taproom at 10921 Johnson Drive in downtown Shawnee, Kansas. We took possession of the building in August 2018, after filing for our LLC in March 2018. In November 2018, we successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign that raised $25,494 from 186 backers (126% of our $20K goal). We opened to the public in April 2019. We were the first brewery in Kansas -- and one of few in the Midwest -- owned and operated by a female head brewer! In spring 2023, we completed an expansion to 10923 Johnson Drive -- known as The Mosaic Room -- that doubled the taproom size to nearly 100 seats.


One thing to remember about SBC is that you might not always know what beer we will have on tap. We focus on NEIPAs, novelty, barrel-aged and innovative sour beers. Courtney has been known to add all kinds of interesting things to beers, including whole pumpkin pies, entire boxes of red velvet cake mix, chocolate chip cookies and much more. SBC produces the highest-quality beer that is fluid and dynamic, flavorful and ever-evolving. We are always trying new things and always reinventing ourselves and our beer. We do NOT have flagship beers. In addition, we focus on to-go options, offering many different 4-pack and crowler options.


When we sat down to try to figure out the look and feel of SBC, the word fluid came to mind. We wanted our logo to represent that sense of fluidity, which is why it has a watery, wavy look. The idea of fluidity is the primary reason we don’t have flagship beer. We want our beers to be ever-evolving and rotating. We want the experience at SBC to be different every time, so you’ll never know what to expect.


As Courtney developed her love and passion for brewing beer, Aaron grew to love craft soda. He and Courtney began brewing soda at home, exploring different styles and ingredients. Aaron’s Craft Soda is exactly the kind of soda that Aaron wants to drink. It’s produced in small batches at our brewery in Shawnee and is unique and full of flavor — just like our beer. And, best of all, every single one of our sodas is inspired by a kid.

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