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Cellarperson/Packaging Tech


The Cellarperson/Packaging Tech role plays a vital part in our operations at Servaes Brewing Co. This position provides support to the head brewer and performs daily cellar tasks while maintaining company policies and standards. The position focuses on cold-side  operations of the brewery, including cleaning and sanitizing brewery tanks and equipment, but could lead to more opportunities on the hot-side of the brewing operation.


The Cellarperson/Packaging Tech is responsible for performing a variety of fundamental and support tasks that help with production in the brewery, including cellaring, packaging, general cleaning and various other responsibilities that help assist the head brewer.

Primary Duties:

  • General cleaning of brewery and brewery floors

  • Monitor fermentation numbers – gravity, pH, temperatures and pressures

  • Responsible for cleaning and sanitizing all fermenters

  • Review and complete all required paperwork and logs following brewing days

  • Maintain grain, hops, yeast and packaged beer inventory

  • Assist and perform assessment of fermenting beer for processing, including dry-hopping, addition of fruits/spices, cold crashing and harvesting yeast

  • Operate keg washer and wash kegs on a weekly basis

  • Operate canning line and package beers

  • Clean beer draft lines

  • Assist head brewer on brew days

  • Attend local beer festivals to serve beer

  • Other tasks as assigned

Other requirements:

  • Follow all safety protocols

  • Contribute to process improvements

  • Ability to work through challenges by setting a professional and upbeat example

  • Clear communication with co-workers and managers

  • Frequent problem-solving skills


Physical requirements:

  • Consistently lift and carry 50-pound bags of grain

  • Frequent bending, pushing, lifting, kneeling and reaching

  • Must be able to stand for entire shift, up to 8 hours

  • Frequent handwashing

  • Ability to work in conditions that are wet, humid, hot, cold, loud and with the risk of electrical shock

  • Safely handle caustic and acidic chemicals and sanitizers and know proper time, temperature and application

  • Frequent ladder climbing

  • Ability to wear and furnish personal protective equipment for personal use, including eyewear, non-slip footwear, hearing protection and others, as required


Compensation based on experience. Benefits include merchandise and beer. Availability: 20-25 hours a week. Mostly week-day hours, with some weekend hours as needed.


As with all of our positions at Servaes Brewing Co., we are looking for someone with a passion for beer and a strong work ethic looking for a position at a fast-growing company.


If interested, please e-mail your resume and cover letter in PDF format to