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100 Unique Beers in 2019

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Since I started Servaes Brewing Co., I've made several important promises. One of those promises was the commitment to always offer variety. Because of this promise, I've set a lofty goal for myself in 2019 - the goal of producing 100 unique beers in my first year of operation. Since we don't intend to open until early spring, that gives us less than a full year to complete this goal.

So how do we plan to do it? First and foremost, by putting forth the highest quality beers in variety of styles. And second ... by having customers who drink A LOT of beer! We've been saying since day one that we will not have flagship beers, and that's the truth. There won't be much rhyme or reason to the beers we put on tap at any given time, except that we think you'll like them. That doesn't mean we won't have repeat beers. That doesn't mean we won't have a beer that carries over from one week to the next. We plan to offer four rotating New England Style IPAs - one of which we will almost always have available. Aside from this, we have a variety of base beers - a sweet stout, gose, milkshake IPA, fruited golden sour, cream ale, an imperial stout and much more. These beers will serve as the bases for our 100 unique beers in 2019. We'll fruit them. We'll spice them. We'll add desserts to them! We plan to compile a list of these beers somewhere in the brewery so you'll be able to track our progress toward that goal. What unique beer are you hoping we'll brew in 2019?

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Apr 11, 2019

Glad to see you are planning on doing a Gose, would love to see someone in town do something similar to Boiler Brewing's Mimosa Gose series. Looking forward to sampling your work. Good luck.

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