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Beer Styles to Expect

What styles of beers can you expect when the brewery opens? We will focus on NEIPAs, novelty, barrel-aged and innovative sour beers. Courtney has been working on the brewing schedule for the first year, which includes a lofty goal of 100 unique beers in 2019. Considering we won’t be open until spring 2019, that might be a challenge!

Some of the beers we plan to brew the first year include our popular Rainbow Sorbet Sour, Smores Imperial Stout, a variety of smoothie style sours and several small batch one-off, barrel-aged imperial stouts.

We’ve been known to add all kinds of interesting things to our beers, including whole pumpkin pies, entire boxes of red velvet cake mix, chocolate chip cookies and much more. You might not always know what beer we will have on tap, but you’ll always know it’ll be good. Flavor, fun and quality are things we hope to bring to the already awesome Kansas City beer scene.

We will NOT have flagship beers. We WILL have awesome beer, though.

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