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Halloween candy-inspired beers release Oct. 30!

We’re having some fun this weekend with the release of four Halloween candy-inspired beers! The beers will go on tap when we open at 2 p.m. Friday. Pre-order for to-go beer will go live at 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 29, at

On tap and in MIXED 4-packs:

  • Empty Canvas - Hard Fruit Candy cream ale

  • Distant Light - Burst of Stars gose

  • Rise Up - Under the Milky Way sweet stout

  • Like Butterflies - Soured Patches sour witbier

Rise Up - Under the Milky Way | Sweet Stout | 7%

Flavors of chocolate and coffee dominate our sweet stout, which is used as the base for many fun adjuncted stouts. This version features caramel, vanilla, cocoa nibs and nougat candy bars.

Empty Canvas - Hard Fruit Candy | Cream Ale | 6%

Our golden-colored cream ale uses rice instead of corn to create a light-bodied beer that is the perfect canvas for a variety of adjuncts. This one features flavors of apple, blue raspberry, cherry, watermelon, grape and hard fruit candy.

Distant Light - Burst of Stars | Gose | 4.5%

We use pink Himalayan sea salt in our gose, which is packed full of fruit purée. This version features flavors of strawberry, cherry, orange, lemon and fruit-flavored soft taffy candy.

Like Butterflies - Soured Patches | Sour Witbier | 6%

Our take on a witbier is brewed traditionally but then soured with Lactobacillus. This version features sour soft candies, lactose and flavors of lime, lemon, orange, cherry and blue raspberry.

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