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Infertility beer release + fundraiser + BBQ pop-up on March 9

We’re bringing back a very special version of one of our most popular beers!

Dreams in Color - Orange Pineapple features pineapple, tangerines, lemongrass, vanilla and orange pekoe tea and was brewed to support the many women (and couples) who struggle with infertility.

Join us Saturday, March 9, for the release of the beer on tap and in 4-packs. Point & Flat BBQ will be in the taproom 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., and we’re donating $2 of every full pour of any beer on tap to Infertility KC!

This beer holds a special place in our hearts. Courtney’s and Brandi’s infertility journey began shortly after they got married in 2015. It took them seven tries and multiple fertility clinics to finally get that positive pregnancy test. After Dylan’s birth, they knew they wanted to give him a little sibling but had no idea it would take almost four years and five losses to finally make that a reality. Easton John Servaes was born Feb. 17, 2023, and just celebrated his first birthday! While we are thrilled, we know all too well that many other women are still struggling.

Pineapples have become a powerful symbol for women struggling with infertility, and the color orange has long been associated with infertility awareness because it promotes compassion, passion and warmth.


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