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Lovers Flight: Beer + Caramel Pairing on Feb. 10

Grab your Valentine or a friend and join us Saturday, Feb. 10, for an early Valentine's Day celebration! ❤️

We’re excited to be partnering again with our friends at Kansas City Caramels to bring you a self-guided beer and caramel pairing! ❤️ You'll be able to try four Valentine's Day-inspired beers with four different caramels! ❤️ We'll have a limited number of pairings available, so make sure you come early! ❤️ Point & Flat BBQ will be serving in the taproom 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.


❤️ Box of Chocolates - White Chocolate Caramel 7% chocolate ale with lactose, white chocolate, caramel, vanilla, cocoa nibs and graham crackers paired with a lemon caramel dipped in dark chocolate

❤️ Love Gone Bad - Raspberry Torte 8% imperial sweet stout with lactose, raspberry purée, coffee, cocoa nibs and vanilla beans paired with a cold brew coffee caramel dipped in dark chocolate

❤️ Dreams in Color - Chocolate Strawberry Cake 4.5% Berliner weisse with strawberry, milk chocolate, buttercream frosting, vanilla cake and graham crackers paired with a cinnamon caramel dipped in dark chocolate

❤️ Champagne Breakfast - Cherry 7% sour ale with cherry paired with a traditional caramel dipped in dark chocolate


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