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Meet the Servaes family: Aaron

Aaron has one self-proclaimed love in life — Transformers. It is a love that has transcended age, time, sports and friends. He even asked one of his Transformers to be his Valentine a few years back. But throughout the course of his 12 years of life, he has picked up a few other hobbies. Right now, being the best-dressed young man at his middle school is a big one. As are football, soccer and baseball.

Aaron enjoys video games, The Voice, playing guitar, cuddling with his dogs, Corbin and Kai, trying to keep his little brother, Dylan, off the dishwasher when he’s doing dishes, food (lots of food), board games, movies, Harry Potter books and visiting breweries with his moms, Courtney and Brandi. Aaron especially loves visiting breweries that have soda on tap, which is what made him and Courtney brew their first soda a few years back for the Lawrence Brewers Guild Brewfest (left pic).

Since then, he and Courtney have brewed quite a few different sodas. His favorite is a Harry Potter inspired butterscotch cream soda. But he’s also pretty proud of his blood orange soda and a coffee cream soda he brewed with a family friend.

Aaron has created a list of 25 sodas to brew in 2019. He and Courtney have been working hard to perfect them for all of you! Not only will you be able to enjoy a variety of beers at Servaes Brewing Co., but your kiddos will also be able to enjoy some of Aaron’s Craft Soda.

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