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Meet the Servaes family: Brandi

Brandi and Courtney met while they were both working at Ottawa University. Brandi currently serves as the Director of Software Solutions there and plans to use her computer savvy to manage the accounting books for Servaes Brewing Co.

Brandi’s hobbies and interests seem to revolve heavily around Courtney’s brewing passion, but she doesn’t complain (too much). Even though Brandi enjoys a good sour beer, she also loves red wine. Her hobbies include politics (don’t ask her about it unless you want to have a 45-minute debate) running, watching Netflix shows without Courtney because she’s “always brewing,” animals (especially her 6-year old schnauzer Corbin) and chasing her sons around.

Brandi is an adventurer. She enjoys skydiving, hunting morel mushrooms (but not eating them) and riding roller coasters alone since Courtney is afraid and Aaron gets motion sick. She’s obsessed with the movie The Fifth Element, El Monterey beef and bean green chili frozen burritos, Mountain Dew and copious amounts of condiments (ketchup, A1 sauce and hot Pace salsa).

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