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Planned Parenthood Fundraiser + Beer Release on July 6

The Supreme Court's decision revoked millions of women’s access to reproductive healthcare and our right to bodily autonomy. To say we are disappointed, hurt and fearful for the future would be an understatement. We are grieving. We are angry. We are heartbroken.

Now more than ever, Planned Parenthood and similar organizations need our support. On Wednesday, July 6, we will release Stars, Stripes & Reproductive Rights, with 100% of the proceeds being donated to Planned Parenthood Great Plains. Inspired by the color green — the official color of the abortion rights movement — this kiwi mint mojito sour features kiwi, lime, mint, agave nectar and is colored with spirulina. You also can support Planned Parenthood by participating in music bingo that night featuring Ultimate 2000s and 2010s Hip Hop and Dance playlists. The suggested donation per bingo card is $5.

As always, SBC is a safe space for everyone. If you need a safe space to talk or simply just want to drink with people who feel your pain, we are here.


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