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Why Shawnee?

Why did we choose Shawnee for the brewery? When we first started looking for a location for Servaes Brewing Co., we weren't married to a particular place. We just knew we wanted to be close to other breweries. We looked in Lawrence. We looked at the Crossroads. We looked in North Kansas City. We looked on Southwest Boulevard.

Eventually, we decided we cared more about what felt right than about whether there would be breweries nearby. We found the perfect location on Johnson Drive in Old Shawnee. As luck would have it, we soon found out we would not be the only brewery in Shawnee. Or the only brewery on Johnson Drive. We wouldn't even be the only brewery on Johnson Drive IN Shawnee.

By the end of 2019, we're hoping Johnson Drive will have made a name for itself as another KC craft beer destination!

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