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10 N/A drinks on tap for Dry January

We’re going ALL IN for Dry January! We’ll have 10 non-alcoholic drinks on tap, including N/A beers, hop water and mocktails! 🍺🍸 Grab a dry flight for $10! Plus, we always have Aaron’s Craft Soda available! We’ll kick off Dry January by being open noon to 6 p.m. on New Year’s Day!

N/A Beers:

🍺 N/A Dreams in Color - Cranberry Berliner weisse

🍺 N/A Dreams in Color - Strawberry Pineapple Passion Fruit Berliner weisse

🍺 Boulevard Brewing Lemon Wheat

🍺 Bravus Brewing Blood Orange IPA

🍺 Wellbeing Brewing Hellraiser dark amber


🍸 Coconut Cucumber Nojito

🍸 Bourbon Caramel Cold Brew

🍸 Spicy NoPaloma

🍸 Peppermint Cocoa Mocktini

Hop Water:

💦 Surly Brewing Sparkling Hop Water w/ Citra & Mosaic hops

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