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Servaes Brew Co. location coming to Atchison!

As we celebrate our 5th anniversary later this week, a lot of people have been asking … so, what’s next? We’re excited to finally share with you what’s next!

This summer, we’ll add a SECOND LOCATION -- Servaes Brewing Co. - Riverfront -- at 118 S. Second St. in Atchison, Kansas! Courtney grew up outside of Atchison, and her parents and grandpa still live there. Taproom Manager Jenalea Myers grew up just 10 miles west of Atchison in the small town of Cummings. Fun fact: Even though they grew up 10 miles apart, they didn’t meet until college!

When we say this space is cool, it’s an understatement! Initially constructed circa 1887, the building served as a Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad freight depot and played an important role in the development of Atchison as a regional railroad hub. Burlington Railroad remodeled the depot in 1943 and retained ownership until circa 1966. Since then, it’s mostly been vacant … just waiting for the right opportunity. Enter the Berger family, who took the building on as just one of many economic development projects they’re involved with in Atchison. They oversaw the remodeling of the building to become a brewery and even got it registered on the National Register of Historic Places. Then, the building just needed an established brewer — preferably one with ties to Atchison. Enter Courtney and Servaes Brewing Company!

So much more info to come, but until then we’re just excited to share our BIG news with all of you!

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