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February Renovations Update

It's been awhile since we've talked renovations. If you're following us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, you've probably seen a photo or two in recent weeks. Every day we get closer to completion, and we try to share as many photos as possible.

So where are we in the renovation process?

Our awesome construction crew is wrapping up the back of house by getting all of our electrical work under wraps. We need a lot of power to light up this brew system, and they are making sure everything will work once it arrives. Aside from electrical work, we've made

major progress with other areas in the brew house. We've got lights hung, the walls are patched and prepped for painting, and our walk-in cooler has been constructed. We're ready to start painting the back of the brewery in the next few weeks, as well as finish the floor.

Up front we've made major progress as well. Earlier this week, we looked at paint swatches for the taproom and just yesterday the ceiling was painted. The floor will be polished and sealed in the next few days and then construction crews will turn their attention to the bar area, which we are pretty excited about. We are hoping to keep the taproom area clean and simple, with a touch of color and class. We know you'll be spending a lot of time there, so we want to make sure it is an approachable space for everyone. We aren't quite ready to talk opening dates yet, but we are getting closer every week. Thanks for reading!

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