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Holiday Open House beer + cake ball pairing & pop-up shops Dec. 2

Celebrate the holiday season with us on Saturday, Dec. 2, with a festive self-guided beer and cake ball pairing! We'll pair four holiday beers with four cake balls from our friends at Suzy Belle’s Sweets! They'll be in the taproom 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. selling cake balls for the pairing as well as other goodies!

We also will release our 12 Beers of Christmas boxes, and there will be a limited number of 12 Cake Balls of Christmas boxes to purchase to pair at home! Get some holiday shopping done noon to 4 p.m. at pop-up shops with Country Gourmet Mixes Shop, Elston Valley Candle Company and Pennington Pottery!

Taproom pairings - 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  • Dreaming of a Great White Stout 6% white stout with coconut, cocoa nibs, vanilla, lactose, marshmallow and light roast coffee paired with a mocha marshmallow cake ball

  • Rise Up - Peppermint Marshmallow 7% sweet stout with peppermint, marshmallow, lactose and vanilla paired with a candy cane brownie cake ball

  • Two Oceans - Merry Berry Cobbler 6% golden sour with cranberry, blackberry, boysenberry, cinnamon and vanilla paired with a brown sugar blueberry cake ball

  • Champagne Breakfast - Christmas Sangria 7% sour ale with sangria flavor, blackberry, pomegranate, apple, orange, cinnamon and rosemary paired with a berry wafer cookie cake ball

Additional beers in the 12 Beers of Christmas boxes:

  • A Witbier is a Witbier - Santa Clause Smash 5% witbier with fresh orange zest, coriander seed, chamomile, honey, ginger, lemon, mint, vanilla, pomegranate and bourbon-soaked oak spirals

  • Empty Canvas - Christmas Tree Cakes 6% cream ale with yellow cake mix, Christmas tree cakes, marshmallow and vanilla

  • A Märzen is a Märzen - Hot Butter Rum 6.5% märzen with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, dark rum-soaked oak spirals and butterscotch

  • Rise Up - Holiday Trail Mix 7% sweet stout with pretzels, white chocolate, candy-coated chocolate bites, peanuts, lactose and vanilla

  • Dreams in Color - Cranberry Orange Scone 4.5% Berliner weisse with scones, cranberry and orange purées and vanilla frosting

  • Dreams in Color - Horchata 4.5% Berliner weisse with rice milk, cinnamon, vanilla and lactose

  • Two Oceans - Iced Oatmeal Cranberry Cookie 6% golden sour with buttercream frosting, cranberry, cinnamon, oats and frosted oatmeal cookies

  • Champagne Breakfast - Fruit Basket 7% sour ale with pears, red and green apples, oranges and grapefruit


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