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Loyally in the Bond release + pop-up shops on Oct. 7

Loyally in the Bond returns on tap and in 4-packs on Friday, Oct. 7. Stop by 5-8 p.m. to check out the Served by Carmella and Sunflower State Studios pop-up shops!

During college at Baker University, Courtney was part of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority and the sorority still holds a special place in her heart. Every October, Alpha Chi Omega raises money and awareness for victims of domestic violence. Courtney brewed this special beer in honor of her sorority and victims of domestic violence.

Loyally in the Bond is a sour ale brewed with red carnations and raspberry purée, making it a unique sour that is both herbal and fruity. We're donating a portion of the beer's proceeds to Safehome, a domestic violence shelter in Johnson County.


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