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New Year's Day Barrels & Brunch

Kick off the New Year by celebrating our FIRST barrel-aged bottle release! Come hear about our barrel program and Courtney's plans for barrel-aged beer releases! You'll have early access to purchase bottles of Barrel-Aged Nothingman - Smores before they release to the public at 11 a.m. that day. You'll also get to try the first barrel-aged Servaes Society membership beer, which will ONLY be on tap at this event.

Ticket price is $35 (plus tax) and includes your choice of brunch box by The Shack and a beer flight. Tickets are very limited, and we expect to sell out. Purchase yours here.

Beer flight:

  • Barrel-Aged Nothingman - Smores | Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout | 13%

  • Servaes Society Release No. 1 | Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout | 13%

  • Restless Soul - French Toast | Imperial Porter | 8%

  • Empty Canvas - Blueberry Cream | Cream Ale | 6%

Brunch boxes come with breakfast potatoes or fruit and your choice of:

  • Mommy, Where Does Bacon Come From?: Breakfast sammie with a fried egg on a pretzel bun with bacon, white cheddar, avocado smear, salsa fresca and chipotle aioli 

  • Sweet Avo-Rito: Wheat wrap burrito stuffed with egg whites, avocado, green and red peppers, sweet pot tots and cheddar cheese

BARREL-AGED NOTHINGMAN - SMORES| Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout | 13%

This beast of a stout has a huge malt body, supported by complex flavors of chocolate, roast and dark fruit flavors. This version was aged in Buffalo Trace barrels for eight months and then adjuncted with Askinosie cocoa nibs, vanilla, marshmallow cream and graham cracker crumbs.

SERVAES SOCIETY RELEASE NO. 1 | Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout | 13%

The first of four Servaes Society membership beers is an imperial stout aged in Buffalo Trace barrels for eight months and then conditioned on hazelnuts, cocoa nibs and vanilla. 

RESTLESS SOUL - FRENCH TOAST | Imperial Porter | 8%

Our imperial porter is boiled extra long to give it a thick, almost syrupy consistency that pairs excellent with adjuncts. This version has maple syrup, graham crackers, lactose and cinnamon and was brewed in collaboration with Yankee Tank Brewing.


Our golden-colored cream ale uses rice instead of corn to create a light-bodied beer that is the perfect canvas for a variety of adjuncts. This version features blueberry and vanilla.

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