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Pi Day Self-Guided Beer & Pie Pairing

Even if you’re not into math, our Pi Day Self-Guided Beer & Pairing is for you! Come try four pie-inspired beers paired with four pies from Overland Park’s The Upper Crust! Pairings will be limited, so come early if you want to participate! Pairings will include:

  • NEIPIE - Coconut Cream Pie paired with German chocolate pie

  • Empty Canvas - Turtle paired with cherry pie

  • Like Butterflies - Lemon Meringue paired with bumble berry pie

  • Out of Turn - Grasshopper paired with coconut custard pie

NEIPIE - Coconut Cream Pie | New England IPA | 7% Our NEIPIE series focuses on cakes, pies and other tasty desserts that are added to a New England IPA. This version features coconut, pie crust, marshmallow and vanilla. Hops used include Cashmere, Citra and Sabro. Empty Canvas - Turtle | Cream Ale | 6% Our golden-colored cream ale uses rice instead of corn to create a light-bodied beer that is the perfect canvas for a variety of adjuncts. This version features cinnamon candied pecans from Kansas City’s Thēz Nüts, homemade caramel and chocolate sauces, pie crust and vanilla. Like Butterflies - Lemon Meringue | Sour Witbier | 6% Our take on a witbier is brewed traditionally but then soured with Lactobacillus. This version features lactose, lemon peel, graham crackers and vanilla. Out of Turn - Grasshopper | Imperial Stout | 12% One of our strongest stouts to date, Out of Turn was brewed with so much grain that we had to double mash it. This version features Oreo pie crusts, marshmallow cream, crème de menthe and crème de cacao syrups and vanilla.

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10 mar 2020

Can't wait to attend!

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