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We can't say THANK YOU enough to the 183 backers contributing $25,440 to our crowdfunding campaign! That's 126% of our $20K goal!

At the beginning of the campaign, we promised we were going to take you on a little journey. We told you about the logo and branding of the brewery. You heard all about the exciting beers and sodas we have planned. You got to know each of the Servaes family members a little bit better (even baby Dylan). We explained why we chose Old Shawnee and why the crowdfunding goal was $20K.

Most importantly, we hope the past month has turned you from followers, to crowdfunding backers to future customers. We hope you're as excited as we are for what's to come!

THANK YOU, again, for your support in helping our dream of opening a brewery come true! Cheers!

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