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Tiki Party beer releases + pop-up shops on Aug. 20

Join us Saturday, Aug. 20, for a Tiki Party with the release of four tiki-inspired beers! Check out the Relativity Cooking and Sugarfold macaron pop-up shops noon to 4 p.m.

Relativity Cooking menu:
  • Teriyaki tofu satays (marinated, grilled tofu) with peanut dipping sauce

  • Kalua pulled jackfruit sliders with grilled pineapple, jalapeños, onion straws and spicy housemade aioli

  • Fried plantains with sweet and sour dipping sauce

  • Jalapeño rangoon (vegan cream cheese, jalapeños and scallions delicately folded in wonton wrappers)

Beer releases:
  • Empty Canvas - Paloma cream ale with tequila oak staves, lime and grapefruit juice and salt

  • Like Butterflies - Blood & Sand sour witbier with sweet vermouth and scotch oak staves and orange juice

  • Dreams in Color - Lavender Lemonade Martini Berliner weisse with gin oak staves, lavender and lemonade

  • Barrel-Aged Two Oceans - Gin & Juice gin barrel-aged golden sour with orange, grapefruit and pineapple juice

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