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What's brewing?

After our last tasting event and contributor thank you party, most of my nearly 30 fermenters were sitting empty in the basement. It would be easy to take a break from brewing until we actually open. We've got construction to wrap up, ingredients to order, painting to do, equipment to install. The next few weeks will likely be the busiest of all leading up to the opening.

But the beer, in my opinion, is the most important piece of this brewery puzzle. So I'm hesitant to let off the gas.

I sat down and created an ambitious brewing schedule that keeps me pretty busy leading up to opening day at the brewery - brewing about three to four beers a week. Many of the beers on this brewing schedule are beers I've brewed before but felt like I needed to perfect before going pro here in a few months. And some of the beers on the schedule are beers I've never brewed before but wanted to try before scaling them up on a bigger system.

Fermenters are full again!

Currently sitting in fermenters are a variety of NEIPAs utilizing different hops and yeasts. I've also got a few double NEIPAs fermenting away because those are currently my go-to beers to drink. I've even been playing around with a Triple NEIPA recipe since having one from Trillium Brewing a few months ago that was absolutely delicious. I've got a session NEIPA and a dry-hopped saison that are both ready to cold crash and keg.

One of the NEIPA recipes I've been working on.

Other fun experiments I've got going on include a sour witbier that I've used champagne yeast on to try to give it a more dry, wine-like characteristic; a hot chocolate sweet stout; a barleywine with maple syrup added that's sitting in a bourbon barrel; and several new smoothie sours. I've got a few new versions of our Nothing Man Imperial Stout aging right now as well. With a spring opening in the works, you'll likely be seeing several of these beers on tap in the first few weeks or months of our brewery being open. Until then, I'm going to keep brewing and perfecting recipes for all of you! Cheers!

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